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Returns are available for nearly everything ZarsBuy sells. Your purchase history on ZarsBuy.com displays the latest eligible date for a return or replacement, however, we recommend keeping track of all manufacturer packaging and your receipt for a minimum of 3 weeks after purchase.


Returning Items Purchased on ZarsBuy.com:

Items sold and shipped by ZarsBuy can be returned or replaced, when available, by mail within 3 weeks of receipt. To ensure your item may be returned, review the exceptions on our corporate Return Policy page.

For items sold by Marketplace Sellers, find more details about Marketplace returns.


Damaged or Defective Items:

If an item you received from ZarsBuy.com is damaged or defective, you can return by mail for a refund.


Our refund & exchange exceptions:

ZarsBuy reserves the right to limit, or decline returns or exchanges regardless of whether the customer has a receipt. All returns without a receipt are subject to a refund verification process. Refunds issued for lost items are subject to recharge if ZarsBuy or the seller can verify delivery or frequent abuse. All decisions regarding returns are subject to applicable laws. The Store Manager retains final authority to accept or decline any item that is eligible for return. Under no circumstance may a Store Manager accept the return of an ineligible item. Store managers may always, at their discretion, refuse return of an item they deem to present a potential health or safety risk to any individual.

ZarsBuy also reserves the right to close ZarsBuy.com accounts, or to cancel or refuse orders or returns for violations or abuse of our returns policy, or any fraudulent activities relating to returns.

Below are exceptions to the general ninety (90) day rule. All the exceptions listed below require the merchandise be returned with a receipt.Below are exceptions to the general ninety (90) day rule. All the exceptions listed below require the merchandise be returned with a receipt.


Must be returned within 15 days with a receipt to obtain a refund or exchange:

Most electronics, including but not limited to: Verizon postpaid (contract) cellular phones, drones, camcorders, digital cameras, digital music players, e-readers, tablets, laptops, PCs, televisions, portable video players, video game hardware, GPS units, audio systems, hoverboards, electric bicycles, electric scooters, and radio-controlled vehicles. 


Must be returned within 30 days, with a receipt, to obtain a refund or exchange:

Prescription glasses

Prescription contacts

Hearing aids


Home & garden equipment: Returnable within 45 days. 

Please drain gasoline or other flammable materials prior to returning. These include lawn mowers, line trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, generators, air conditioners, evaporators, dehumidifiers, compressors, and pressure washers. DO NOT remove Freon from A/C units. For ZarsBuy.com items, please check the item page to confirm it is returnable by mail.


Funeral products (e.g., caskets, coffins): Can be exchanged within 90 days if damaged or defective and unused. New or used items are nonrefundable.

Must be returned within one year, with a receipt, to obtain a refund or exchange:

All perennials, trees, and shrubs.

N.B: We accept return only for worng product or damaged product. We recomended to capture photo during unboxing or receiving the product for the proof of receiving wrong or damaged product.