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Feline Pine Original Cat Litter 40LB

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When Feline Pine Original Cat Litter 40LB comes to your cat's litter box, odor control is crucial, but you also want a natural alternative for your feline companion. With no additional fragrances, synthetic perfumes, or harsh chemicals, Feline PineTM Non-Clumping Pine Pellet Litter provides the greatest natural odor control. It's constructed with very absorbent, sustainably produced natural pine shavings sourced exclusively from salvaged lumber (no new trees were taken down) that neutralize odor on touch.


Its absorbent pine fibers act like hundreds of little sponges in your kitty litter box, soaking up fluids and locking odors away. Feline Pine Original Cat Litter 40LB natural odor-eliminating pine shavings are a gentle kitty's paws litter option. It's also low-dust and lightweight, weighing less than half as much as clay litter and producing no unpleasant dust cloud.


  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS IN THIS PRODUCT. This non-clumping natural cat litter is manufactured with simple plant-based materials like natural pine shavings and is a great odor remover. Instead of harsh chemicals or synthetic scents, it uses the odor-fighting power of Natural Pine.
  • NO ADDED FRAGRANCES FOR THE BEST NATURAL ODOR CONTROL. Natural pine fibers trap away ammonia odors and neutralize them on touch, naturally keeping your kitty litter box fresh. Instead of harsh chemicals or synthetic scents, use plant-based substances to get rid of the harshest odors.
  • ODORS ARE ABSORBED BY HIGHLY ABSORBENT PINE. The pine shavings in this non-clumping, lightweight cat litter act as thousands of tiny sponges, absorbing fluids and locking away ammonia odors to keep the litter box clean and dry.
  • Because the cat litter box is light, changing and refilling it is quick and simple. Our is due to the fact that this absorbent non-clumping kitty litter is natural, weighs less than half as much as clay litter, and does not produce a nasty cloud of dust.
  • GENTLE ON PAWS, STRONG ON ODORS. Lightweight pine shavings are sourced sustainably from discarded pine lumber, with no new trees being felled. This non-clumping natural cat litter is also a safe litter option for kitty's paws.




Feline Pine


Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

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