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Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Mega Rolls

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Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Mega Rolls is our softest toilet paper ever, so it's harder to resist than ever! It is twice as absorbent as the leading brand. When you purchase Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll toilet paper, you will receive a large and long-lasting roll as one Charmin Mega Roll is equivalent to 4 regular rolls*. In addition, Charmin Ultra Soft 2-layer toilet paper is safe for septic tanks. We all went to the bathroom, the bathrooms come with Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Mega Rolls  Enjoy the Go toilet paper!




  • The package contains 18 rolls (264 sheets per roll) of Charmin Ultra Soft  
  •  1 Charmin Mega Roll = 4 regular rolls depending on the number of sheets  Charmin Regular Roll  
  •  Charmin's softest 2-ply toilet paper ever make 
  •  Irresistibly soft toilet paper 
  •  More absorbent so you can use less than leading brands 
  •  Clog safe and septic-safe; Roto-Rooter  
  •  Approved A gentler way to  clean and use less than the leading  brand 
  •  We all go to the bathroom who use Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper Really enjoy it Go!





Ultra Soft






Procter & Gamble

Manufacturer Part Number


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

11.50 x 29.50 x 20.00 Inches

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